Student News

  • VSAA 2019-20 applications now closed!

    Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now closed. We had almost 600 applicants -- thanks to all!

  • Where is the Bus Number?

    Students: wondering where to find your bus' number?  There is no guarantee that buses will be in the same position everyday -- that is why students have to learn their bus numbers. If you can't find your bus -- go to Security immediately and ask them!

  • Roosevelt students perform at the 2018 dance festival

    After-school dance at VSAA

    All third- through eighth-grade VPS students are invited to participate in this fun, free program. Find out how to enroll.

  • New: VSAA Yearbook website

    Hey VSAA students and parents! We have now have a website dedicated to our school Yearbook: Ars Longa. Senior parents you can access information about Senior Portraits and Baby Ads. We will also feature information about our Yearbook Club and any other events/photo submissions/sales, etc. Take a look!

  • Students display historical knowledge

    Approximately 60 elementary and middle school students from Vancouver Public Schools made the cut for the National History Bee.

  • Anderson students perform at the 2018 dance festival

    Dance education on display at festival

    "The variety of dancers and styles of dance that we get to see in the festival is really special,” said teacher Sheyla Mattos.