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Checking out books in the time of COVID

VSAA’s library is open for circulation, although we have to adapt to fit the times.  You may make book requests through this Google form. You can use it either to make a request for a specific book or ask for a recommendation.  You can also search the school’s catalog to see what we have available.  You will be informed via email when your books are ready for you, and they may be picked up AND dropped off at the school during office hours which are 8:15-4:15, Monday-Friday.   Books will be quarantined for a week between patrons, so you can be assured they are virus-free.

Need help? Ask the library staff!

Services we provide:

  • Chromebook and other technical assistance
  • Co-teaching (from planning to implementation and even assessing)
  • Resource searches
  • Individual and whole class lessons about information literacy
  • Book recommendations
  • Games, small toys and playing cards to cheer you up

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