Special policy for school year 2022-23

Student meals are available at no cost to students this year. If a student would like a second meal they would need to pay at the business office and bring the receipt to the cafeteria. If families would like to place money in their student(s) account in advance, a payment can be made at the business office. If a parent would like to purchase a meal, payment needs to be made at the business office and the receipt would be brought to the cafeteria. For the school year of 2022-23, online payment for lunches is not available through Skyward or InTouch online.

Adult Breakfast: $3.10
Adult Lunch (K-8): $4.50
Adult Lunch (9-12): $5.00
A la Carte Milk or Juice: $0.45
2nd Meal Price: $4.50

What students need to know

Glass containers are prohibited. Students may not eat lunch in unsupervised classrooms.