Expression through movement

The dance program provides students with the opportunity to study the diversity of techniques and ideas as well as compositional and performance skills that comprise the dance arts. The program equally values both physical and creative development of each student.
At all levels of study, students:

  • Move

  • Create

  • Perform

  • Analyze

Creativity and vision combined

The overall emphasis of the program is on fostering each student’s unique and creative vision inside a body that moves with intelligence, safety and artistry.
All courses above Explore Level are sequential and require the recommendation/permission of the instructor. Dance courses are substituted for physical education credit requirements.

  • Intelligence

  • Safety

  • Artistry

“I see dance as glue for a community.”


Dance faculty and staff

Sheyla Mattos
Colette Rood

When words fail, tell your tale with movement.

Dance is an artistic expression.