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Four-step process

The application process allows the school to evaluate prospective students’ interest and commitment to the arts. Students who live within the school district’s boundaries are given priority for admission. At the high school level, VSAA may accept students from neighboring districts after all VPS students have been accepted and if space is available.

Application events

(These only appear as we approach application season in January)

Profile of a successful VSAA student

In this school, we learn the value of individual commitment and respect for uniqueness because we live and learn every day with people who are inventive, receptive to new ideas, responsible and committed to the arts.

Frequently asked questions

We are moving into the area in the spring. When should we apply?2018-12-20T12:31:21-08:00

Students must currently reside in the Vancouver Public Schools boundary in order to apply during this window. When the entire in-district applicant wait list has been exhausted, then we will contact out-of-district applicants for the next steps. 

Do you take students at the semester?2017-11-27T15:46:47-08:00

VSAA makes every effort to maintain the student population of the school. If space becomes available at any grade level during the course of the school year, the waiting list will be reviewed. Invitations to VSAA will be extended on a space-available basis.

How long is the waiting list?2017-11-27T15:41:31-08:00

There is a waiting list at each grade level based upon the number of applicants and the availability that VSAA can offer. Applicants will stay on the waiting list for one year, after which they need to submit a new application for the next school year.

How many people apply? What are my child’s odds of getting in?2017-11-27T15:39:40-08:00

We always have a large number of applicants at every grade level. In recent years, we accepted approximately 100 students of the 350 who showed interest at the sixth-grade level. In grades 7-12 there are fewer applicants, but less availability as a majority of VSAA students stay for all seven years.

What can I do so that my child will be accepted?2017-11-27T15:37:07-08:00

There are no guarantees for acceptance. Throughout the process, every effort is made to discover students who would be successful in the VSAA culture.

How should my child prepare in order to be accepted?2020-12-09T10:29:27-08:00

Applicants need to be diligent in getting all components of the application in by the deadline. Please see Dates to Know (scroll up–it’s to the right) for important dates. Applicants must attend their assigned interview and workshop activities.

Do students already have to be good at art to be accepted to VSAA?2017-11-27T15:34:53-08:00

Students will have the opportunity to experience each art form (visual art, dance, literary arts, theatre, moving image arts and music) at an introductory level and advance in subsequent years to a higher level.

What if my child hasn’t had any art classes; can he or she still apply?2017-11-27T15:30:46-08:00

The foundation for acceptance is not based on talent, but on willingness to explore all art forms that VSAA offers each student. Previous art experiences are just as valued as current arts experiences.

Do you have to reapply each year once you’re in?2017-11-27T15:26:41-08:00

Once applicants have applied and been accepted, they do not have to reapply in the following years. If a student does not get accepted on the first try, they are encouraged to reapply the following school year.

We live outside of the district. Can our child apply?2018-01-16T14:32:52-08:00

High School applicants who live outside the Vancouver Public Schools boundary are invited to apply. However, preference will be given to students residing within our school district’s geographic boundary.

If the entire list of in-district applicants has been exhausted, students from out of district would be considered for placement. Students residing outside of Washington state are ineligible to apply.

Additional questions?

Jennifer Hockhalter, associate principal
Rachel Fouts-Carrico, magnet coordinator

“You can go in thinking, I’m a painter, I’m a dancer, I’m a string player, but then take all the classes and find something completely different that you love. You have all these chances to explore and express yourself.” 

—Steven Goforth, VSAA class of 2011

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