Nov 2021

FutureMe Podcast: Financial Aid

2021-11-08T10:37:47-08:00November 1st, 2021|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage|

FutureMe Podcast, Season 2:  Episode 1 This episode is focused on an overview of financial aid basics and understanding FSA ID/FAFSA/WASFA. This time we were joined by post-secondary guest: Monica Santos-Pinacho from WSU-V. Check out more resources at

Dec 2020

Episode 002: College Applications and Admissions

2020-12-07T11:24:15-08:00December 3rd, 2020|Career Center News, Future Me Homepage|

If you missed FutureMe's first podcast, we've got #2 here just for you! Join AVID's Lindsey Garcia while she talks to a Fort Vancouver High School alumna about her journey starting college during COVID-19 and why it's so important to hang in there! Then the people-in-the-know from WSUV and Clark College Admissions Departments [...]

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