VPS will be offering students a paid 60-hour internship opportunity plus 30-hours of work readiness training. You must be 16 years old by June 13th to participate. Why is this important? What do you have to do? Is this a guaranteed internship? Where can I get more information?

Why is this important?

  • Earn $$$ (minimum wage for 60-hours)
  • Earn college credit (for FREE) if you get a “B” or better
  • Get free work readiness training (30-hours in-person and online)
  • Free food and opportunities to earn gift cards

What do you have to do?

  • Complete the forms
  • Return forms to your school’s Career Center or Student Pathways Center by Friday, May 6th
  • Must have ORIGINAL signatures (in PEN from you and a guardian)

You will not know what your worksite is until after you complete the mandatory training sessions so you will not have all the answers. If you don’t have a printer, please ask your Career Specialist to print out the forms for you (3 pages total).

Is this a guaranteed internship?

No, this is an invitation to apply. You must attend three in-person training session (4 to 6 hours each) and will interview with different worksites.

Where will I intern?

This depends on your interests and the worksites that have signed up to host a student, The goal is to find an internship that fits your interest but EVERY internship is valuable and you will learn transferable skills to help prepare you for ANY career or pathway you choose. Prior worksite partners:

  • TechSmart (computer science)
  • Rogue Construction (construction)
  • Holt Homes (project management, construction)
  • LaBottega (hospitality, culinary)
  • D6Inc (manufacturing)
  • Watershed Alliance (natural resources)
  • Port of Vancouver (marketing)
  • Columbia Springs (natural resources)
  • Clark County Clerk’s Office (business, law)
  • Kids Club (child development)
  • Don’t see what you like? You can always suggest a local business

What do I do again? Complete the forms and bring them to your school’s Career Center or Student Pathways Center by Friday, May 6th. See your Career Specialist if you don’t have a printer because I must have original signatures!

Parents and students can learn more by joining a Zoom session Monday, 4/25 at 4:30PM  at https://vansd.zoom.us/j/89640198111?pwd=b0ZXdmlaMmE4V1VubEJkOFUwalI4Zz09.

VPS students and families should check Xello for information on career and college readiness, work-based learning opportunities and scholarships.  View this 2 minute video to learn more about Xello Family!  Login through ClassLink or go directly to https://xello.world/en/

  • Username is “VPS-123456“ which will be the letters “VPS” dash “VPS-“ 6-digit student ID (numbers in your VPS student email address).
  • Password is your 8-digit birthdate (MO-DA-YEAR).  So if your birthday is July 9, 2005, your password would be: 07092005