Current high school juniors interested in the aerospace industry should apply for this special online experience brought to you by the Museum of Flight.

Program Description:
Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is an online distance learning course and summer experience specifically designed for high school students interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pathways through the exploration of space and space travel.

The online curriculum is a University of Washington college course focused on NASA’s space exploration program as well as topics in Earth and Space Science.

The online course will run from the first of November until early March consists of seven bi-weekly lessons and a final project. If they successfully complete the online curriculum students can be invited to participate in a six-day summer residency experience that provides them to the opportunity to work with STEM professionals, NASA scientists, university students and STEM educators. Students can also apply to receive five University of Washington natural science credits for their work during the online course.

Acceptance into the online course is based on a completed application and student interest. We value diverse voices and ideas and believe in the importance of bringing multiple perspectives to our discussion of topics related to human space exploration.

No math or science requirements for participation, but pre-algebra and essay writing coursework will be helpful. There will be academic support provided during the online course and students are able (and encouraged) to reach out their current high school teachers for help.

Deadline:  October 30, 2020

This program is not sponsored by Vancouver Public Schools.  Approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement.