On Feb. 13, elementary and middle school students from Southwest Washington and the Portland metro region traveled to Columbia River High School for the 2018 Portland Regional Finals of the National History Bee. The regional competition is coordinated by Dave Douglas, a teacher at River.

Participants answered questions about U.S. and world history in a fast-paced buzzer format to determine which students would advance to the national competition. Students who did not participate in the regional competition could qualify for the national competition by taking an online test.

Approximately 60 elementary and middle school students from Vancouver Public Schools made the cut for the National History Bee, held in Atlanta, Georgia, in June. Several students, denoted by asterisks below, also qualified for the U.S. Geography Olympiad.

Chinook Elementary

  • Russell Adams
  • Max Aldridge
  • Olivia Countney
  • Casey Flinn
  • Spencer Hascall
  • Kristi Lee
  • Ava Lugo

Lucia Anderson, Jennifer Flores, Rod Harris and Jamie Rupp are their teachers.

Eisenhower Elementary

  • Meliah Beal
  • Jonas Catton
  • Vitaliy Duvalko*
  • James Haddix*
  • Ally Staples*
  • Brooklynn Vickery

Jan Keenan and Kit Ross are their teachers.

Felida Elementary

  • Peniel Louman
  • Jacob Ouellette
  • Preslee Scott

Jill Reeg and Somona San Illingworth are their teachers.

Harney Elementary

  • Isabella Armenta
  • Aqeel Bauman
  • Oscar Campos
  • Camila Capistran-Vasquez
  • Lucas Myers
  • Holland Rudolph
  • Owen Sawyer
  • Elias Veljacic

Heidi Gardner and Ashley Shanteau are their teachers.

Hough Elementary

  • Ellis Crain-Keddie*
  • Carter Vanis

Erick Hoffarth is their teacher.

King Elementary

  • Erick Hurtado-Ruiz
  • Elijah Kennon

Tara Lagese is their teacher.

Lake Shore Elementary

  • Eston Gibbons
  • Dylan Goetz
  • Gabriel Grovom
  • Reed Levitre
  • Cora McGill
  • Julia Rapp

Debbie Mitts and Becky Taylor are their teachers.

Lincoln Elementary

  • Max Houston

Erin Honeycutt is his teacher.

Roosevelt Elementary

  • Brian Deming
  • Ethan Martillo*
  • Tobias Enriquez

Jessica McCurdy is their teacher.

Salmon Creek Elementary

  • Kale Teach

Jeff Stark is his teacher.

Walnut Grove Elementary

  • Jack Berg

Jeff Teusink is his teacher.

Alki Middle School

  • Thomas Blau
  • Katelyn Brereton*
  • Chelsea Caldwell
  • Ashlyn Wilding

Tracie Crowley and Alice Muirden are their teachers.

Discovery Middle School

  • Isaiah Peterson
  • Sebastian Maher

Diana Flowers and Cheryl Knight are their teachers.

Gaiser Middle School

  • Muniroth Ly
  • Chester Gardner

Beth Brisson and Erika Prats are their teachers.

McLoughlin Middle School

  • Henry Seekamp

Denisse Barba is his teacher.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

  • Lex Smith*
  • Padraic O’Shea*

Karina Kelley and Lance Smith are their teachers.

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

  • Oliver Konez—seventh-grade champion
  • Maxander Radcliff
  • Justin Yu

Enid Axtell is their teacher.

Vancouver iTech Preparatory

  • Matthew McRae
  • Tim Puruckherr

John Zingale is their teacher.