From a field of more than 300 students, five from Vancouver School of Arts and Academics earned honors from the Washington State Thespians in February 2021. The organization’s Thespy awards competition, held virtually this year, saw students compete in categories including solo and group acting, musical pieces, technical theatre presentation and film pieces.

VSAA’s Isis Eggleston and Eva Daltoso each received a score of superior for their solo musical pieces. With this score, Eggleston and Daltoso were recognized at the state competition earlier in March and qualified for the national competition. Their work also is eligible to be adjudicated at the International Thespian Festival.

Anna Carr’s solo musical piece received a score of excellent. Grace Ronen and Emilie Canale also received a score of excellent for their duet musical piece. Carr, Ronen and Canale were recognized at the state festival.

Seth Olson is their theatre adviser.