The National School Public Relations Association recognized Vancouver Public Schools’ communicators with seven awards in 2017.

Golden Achievement Award

VPS was recognized for its Re: Schools informational campaign. This award recognizes outstanding public relations efforts on behalf of students, staff members and schools.

Re: Schools included the efforts of many staff members:

  • Principals April Whipple, Ogden Elementary; Theresa David-Turner, Truman Elementary; Bobbi Geenty, Marshall Elementary; Deanna Hogan, Lieser Campus; Janell Ephraim, King Elementary; Esteban Delgadillo, Walnut Grove Elementary; former Principal Daniel Bettis, Fir Grove/Vista; Travis Boeh, McLoughlin Middle School; Alex Otoupal, Columbia River High School; Lori Rotherham, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics; and Christina Iremonger and Darby Meade, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
  • Translation/interpretation staff: Viktoriya Krasovskaya, Ekaterina Walla, Juanita Yasu, Victoria Bernal, Stephanie Ongtooguk and Linda Dyer
  • Leadership: Steve Webb, superintendent; Tom Hagley, chief of staff; Todd Horenstein, associate superintendent; and Brett Blechschmidt, chief fiscal officer
  • Facilities department: Jennifer Halleck, Karla Schlosser and Jan Redding
  • TV studio: Nick Voll and Ian Southworth
  • Communications department: Patricia Nuzzo, Sara Neal, Tara Cox, Amanda Richter and Sue Knable

Publications and Electronic Media Awards

Exemplary publications, marketing/informational materials, video/TV/radio programs, social media and websites produced by public and private schools, districts and educational organizations are eligible for NSPRA’s Publications and Electronic Media Awards. Excellence is the top award in each category, followed by merit and honorable mentions. VPS received the following:

Excellence awards

  • “What is the future of our schools?” (finance publication category): Created by Tara Cox, communications specialist
  • weLearn 1:1 website (internet/intranet website category): Created and maintained by Sara Neal, digital media specialist; Patricia Nuzzo, communications director; Amanda Richter, communications specialist; Cox; Zach Desjarlais, manager of instructional technology; and Eddie Sawyer, Laura Wright, Michael Hornback and Sally Kroon, instructional technology facilitators

Merit awards

  • Discovery Middle School website (internet/intranet website category): Created and maintained by Stephanie Bergeron, technology support specialist; Fawn McKay, fiscal clerk; Eva Johnson, secretary; Esmy Farias-Govea, Family-Community Resource Center coordinator; Debbie Ramsey, clerk; Neal; Cox; Nuzzo; and Richter
  • “Shifting Bus Culture” (excellence in writing category): Written by Richter
  • Inside VPS magazine (print newsletter—external audience category): Produced by Cox, Richter, Nuzzo and Neal

Honorable mention

  • Educator Career Fair poster: Created by Cox

Working to “advance education through responsible public relations and communication that leads to success for all students,” NSPRA is a professional association serving school communicators in the U.S. and Canada.

The Washington state NSPRA chapter also recognized VPS’ communicators in 2017 with merit awards in the finance publication and print newsletter categories.