I become ill during the day?
If you are in class, tell your teacher and report to the main office to go to the health room. If you are at lunch, talk to an adult on duty. If you are in between classes, go directly to the main office.

I need a free city bus pass?
Stop by the Business Office for a copy of the “Youth Opportunity Pass” from C-TRAN. Once that is filled out, then you will get a sticker for your student ID.

I need to take medication during the day?
Your parent/guardian must fill out the required paperwork. Once approved, you will receive directions on how to take your medication during the day in the main office.

I am absent?
Have your parent/guardian report it in Skyward Family Access OR call/email the Attendance Office to get your absence excused.

I have an issue with my laptop?
Please email the tech and let her know what issues you are having and she will advise you as to next steps. If it won’t power on, stop by the Media Center for emergency assistance.

I am late to school?
Have your parent/guardian contact the main office or bring in a note when you arrive. Report directly to the Attendance Office to check in.

I need to go to the Care Center?
Check the hours of operation. Passes are required to go to the Care Center during classtime.

I have a concern or witness a problem during the school day?
Your classroom teachers, counselors, administrators and office staff are here to help all students. Options include:
• Speak with your teacher and ask for assistance. If they cannot help you, they will relay the concern to the appropriate person.
• Go directly to your counselor.
• If the problem is urgent/emergency, then go directly to the main office and someone will help you immediately.

I have an appointment during the school day?
Have your parent/guardian contact the main office or bring in a note (excuse and reason) at the start of the school day to the Attendance Office. You will then get a dismissal slip, when it is time to leave, show the note to your teacher and wait in the main office. Parents/guardian must sign you out in the main office.

I need supplies during the school day?
If you need personal care items or school supplies, please see the Student Care Center or Main Office.

I forgot my schedule or cannot find my class?
Stop by the Main Office. Check your Skyward account. See your counselor. Ask a teacher/advocate.
I ride my bike to school, where can I lock it up?
Pending construction, we are temporarily locating bikes and skateboards in the breezeway by the Main Office.

I need information on the process of changing to my preferred name?
We are here to help assist you in this process. Please see your counselor to get started.

I want to ride the bus home with a friend?
Bring a note from your parent/guardian asking that you be allowed to ride your friend’s bus (include date and parent/guardian signature). The note must be taken to the main office before school or during your lunch to be issued a BUS SLIP. You will not be allowed on the bus without this BUS SLIP.

I have a conflict with a peer or need support talking to a teacher?
Your classroom teachers, counselor, administrators and office staff are here to help all students. Please see your counselor for assistance with a peer conflict.

I need help on an assignment?
First, ask your teacher for assistance. There are also ways to get support here at VSAA which include enrichment, teacher office hours, and NHS tutoring. If you are still having challenges, please see your counselor.

I am looking for an Early Release form or Off-Campus form (or any other form)?
Please go directly to the main office for assistance. We are in the process of moving forms to an online directory.

I want to invite my friend from another high school to the upcoming dance…where do I get a Guest Pass?
These will be available in the Business Office when tickets for dances go on sale (2 weeks prior to the dance).

I need to order a transcript or change my phone number/address?
Please see the registrar, Kali Howell for assistance.

I have a different question…who do I contact?
Always ask! Stop by the Main Office. See your counselor. Ask a staff member. We are here to help!