Pictured from left: James Rudalf, Jeff Wheeless, Donna Sillars, Jason Bordine and Lee Carrithers

Seven VPS staff members were honored at the district’s Facility Support Service Seminar on Aug. 19. The following awards recognize staff in the areas of safety, caring, leadership, core values and high standards. Congratulations to the following people!

Pivotal Safety Awards
Jack Jeffries, electrician
James Rudalf, HVAC technician

Jack Jeffries improves the safety culture at VPS by sharing concerns and developing solutions through his role on the safety committee. His eye for safety has been pivotal in fixing overcrowded electrical rooms, identifying training needs and ensuring employees have safe equipment.

James Rudalf catches safety issues that could cause injuries if left unaddressed, including wiring issues at two buildings. He is always looking for deficiencies in both new and older buildings. He pays close attention to help keep students and his co-workers safe.

Community Care Award
Ray Santacruz, groundskeeper helper

Ray Santacruz supports his colleagues at work and in their personal lives, even after they have retired or left the district. He offers kind words and helps with struggles. Everyone with whom he comes in contact is uplifted by his presence.

Living the Vision Award
Lee Carrithers, carpenter

Lee Carrithers’ extreme organizational skills allow him to keep track of numerous keys and locks. He is always helpful, even on difficult tasks. He also demonstrates excellent customer service that elevates the entire department.

Core Values Awards
Jason Bordine, custodial assistant, Jim Parsley Center
Jeff Wheeless, carpenter

Jason Bordine can be counted on to get the job done. He is always pleasant in interactions and demonstrates a positive attitude that communicates he is happy to help. He is a good example of the core values of professionalism, dedication and trustworthiness.

Jeff Wheeless is a solutions-driven professional. He is innovative and looks for ways to use current resources, such as repairing a concrete block amphitheater using existing blocks. He’s known for figuring out how to do the job as fast, inexpensively and high quality as possible.

Gary DeJager Pro Bowl Service Award
Donna Sillars, building operator, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Donna Sillars maintains the highest standards for her work. She ensured safety at her building during construction by monitoring and making adjustments to keep students and staff members safe. Donna will often respond to work at night to fix issues and make sure that work is completed correctly. She maintains the highest standards for her work.