By the time you read this, VSAA students will have their own Chromebooks! Here’s a quick summary of things for you to know to help them succeed with their new devices.


All student will have school Gmail accounts. Gmail can be checked from any internet-connected device.

Google Drive/Saving

Students will also have Google Drive accounts, which is where they should always save files, rather than onto their Chromebook. Google Drive files are also available from any device. The benefit of this is that if their Chromebook has to be turned in for repair—or if the student misplaces it—then their files will still be waiting for them.

Password Management

Students need to practice caution with their login so that others can’t get into their email and Google Drive. This information should never be shared with others. Students can change their own Google password at any time if they believe others may be accessing their files. They also have instant access to tech help via the blue Student Tech Help icon; this is on the Clever page that launches every time they log into their device.

Keeping Track of the Chromebook

All students will identify their Chromebooks with a tag on the back and a name strip on the front. Although the power source will also be identified with each student’s name, the two-part cord should stay at home after the first day of check out. This practice means students will always know where their cord is and they can avoid fines.

There is no way to track the location of a Chromebook. Students need to practice mindfulness so they don’t set down their device and forget to pick it up. We are not able to help them find it! If a student is unable to find his/her device, the best thing to do is retrace steps and check the library or main office for found devices.


Chromebooks should always be closed (with the glass side facing in) when the device is not in use. This will help prevent broken screens and it will save battery life.

For student Chromebook tips (and other valuable information), visit our VSAA Student Hub.