Thanks for a great first week of school!

Our Schedule this week:
9/8 Tuesday: B day (period 8 is Advocacy)
9/9 Wednesday: all classes
9/10 Thursday: A day
9/11 Friday: B day (period 8 is Advocacy)

Weekly bell schedule

2020-21 Theme
Each year, VSAA faculty select a theme for the year. Each art form is responsible for one year’s theme, and every 7th year an interdisciplinary theme encompasses all the art forms. For this
year, the theatre team had created a wonderful theme centered around “The World of Play.” However, as live theatre was an important component, they have decided to delay this theme for a year.
They have, instead, created an interdisciplinary theme entitled The “Artist’s Journey; How We Got to Now and How We Keep Going.”
Here is a link to a slideshow from our teacher professional development for your reference: 2020-21 Theme Slide Show

Wednesday Expectations

Wednesday’s class schedule is comprised of 30-minute sessions for all 8 periods. The purpose of these 30-minute sessions is to provide opportunities for small group help for those students who need it. However, we are required by the state to take attendance for all periods, and students are expected to continue with their school work on Wednesdays. This week, each teacher shared with their students their expectations of students on Wednesdays. For all classes, students must do one of the following as directed by their teacher:
• Log onto the Zoom and check-in and/or receive assistance.
• Log onto the Zoom and participate in ensemble work (band, orchestra, choir, theatre and dance may require this)
• Complete an exit ticket or other electronic means of communicating their work plan and completion on Wednesday. This may be a Google form, Canvas exit ticket or discussion, etc.
If you have any questions regarding Wednesday expectations for a specific class, please contact the individual teacher.

We have provided hard copy planners for students to organize their work. However, you may find it helpful to use the electronic schedule template, and insert the Zoom Links for your classes.
Optional A/B day Planning Template
Optional One day at a time Planning Template
Optional Weekly Planning Template

We would like an opportunity for a brief (15 minute) check-in with each of our new students
and their parents. We want to see how the transition to our school is going for your student.
Please use this link to sign up for a check-in with Lori Rotherham (all grade levels),
Jennifer Hockhalter (all grade levels) or Lisa Madar (middle school students only).

For the month of September, we will have an open Zoom for students or parents to drop in each Wednesday, between 11 am – 1 pm. Either the principal, associate, or both will be available for student or parent questions and/or concerns. Please use the link below:
Click this link to zoom with VSAA admin
We will have a main office Zoom available all day the first 2 weeks of school so that you can see a friendly face and ask a question or get help.
Click this link to zoom with main office