Our Schedule this week:
9/21 Monday: A day
9/22 Tuesday: B day (period 8 is Advocacy)
9/23vWednesday: all classes
9/24 Thursday: A day
9/25 Friday: B day (period 8 is Advocacy)

Weekly bell schedule

Parent Conferences
We will be holding our fall parent conferences virtually on October 15th from 5-9 PM and October 16th from 8-11 AM. Please use this link to sign up for conferences with your student’s teachers. Please note: If your student has a teacher for more than one period, please sign up for just one conference with the teacher.

Progress Reports

The first progress grading period ends on September 30th. Progress grades are finalized a week later, and progress reports will be distributed the following week.
This progress grading period will give us an opportunity to see how students are doing in their classes so far.
While this is just a snapshot of student progress, it will allow us to discover which students may be struggling in their classes so we can provide additional support as appropriate.

These grades will provide a starting point for conversations in parent conferences.

Lunch Hangouts

Lunch hangouts are beginning in the next 2 weeks. Student leaders will be planning them under the supervision of our high school counselor, Renee Foran.
This is an opportunity for students to connect with one another under the supervision of a VSAA staff member over Zoom.
Please email Renee Foran if you have questions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Would you like to compliment a VSAA staff member and/or share your appreciation for a job well-done? Please take a moment to complete a VSAA Shout Out. We will pass on your compliment to the appropriate staff member/members.

We would like an opportunity for a brief (15 minute) check-in with each of our new students and their parents. We want to see how the transition to our school is going for your student. Please use this link to sign up for a check-in with Lori Rotherham (all grade levels,) Jennifer Hockhalter (all grade levels,) or Lisa Madar (middle school students only.)

If you would like to have a Zoom meeting with VSAA administrators, just email Lori Rotherham or Jennifer Hockhalter and we will respond with a link as soon as we are able.