Our Schedule this week:
10/5 Monday: A day
10/6 Tuesday: B day (period 8 is Advocacy)
10/7 Wednesday: all classes
10/8 Thursday: A day
10/9 Teacher Inservice Day: No School
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)
Please note: Early release 10/14 & 10/15
Early release schedule for October 14th & 15th

Parent Conferences

There’s still time to sign up for parent conferences. We will be holding our fall parent conferences virtually on October 15th from 5-9 PM and October 16th from 8-11 AM. Please use this link to sign up for conferences with your student’s teachers.

Please note: If your student has a teacher for more than one period, please sign up for just one conference with the teacher. A conference organizer with teacher links can be found by clicking this link

Guided Enrichment

The progress grading period ended on Wednesday, 9/30, and grades are due from teachers the following week. Progress reports will be distributed shortly thereafter.

It has been our practice to assign “guided enrichment” to students who have D’s or F’s on their progress report, indicating a need for additional support. As our remote bell schedule includes 30-minute small group help sessions for all classes on Wednesdays, we will be assigning students to attend those sessions for classes in which their progress report grade indicates a need for more support. In addition, students can always arrange for support during scheduled.

Teacher office hours

Students and parents will receive an individual email with their assigned Wednesday support classes and times. Please contact Lori.Rotherham@vansd.org with questions.


Would you like to compliment a VSAA staff member and/or share your appreciation for a job well-done? Please take a moment to complete a VSAA Shout Out. We will pass on your compliment to the appropriate staff member/members.

If you would like to have a Zoom meeting with VSAA administrators, just email Lori.Rotherham@vansd.org or Jennifer.Hockhalter@vansd.org and we will respond with a link as soon as we are able.