Our Schedule this week:
10/26 Monday: A day
10/27 Tuesday: B day
10/28 Wednesday: all classes
10/29 Thursday: A day
10/30 Friday: B day
Virtual “Artists Steppin Up”
Students should see the email from Mr. Duke for details.
Virtual Showcase period 8
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)

Vocal Informance
If you missed last night’s vocal concert, you can view it on Youtube. This first concert was an “informance.” Please see below, choir director Joel Thoreson’s description.
“This concert will “inform” you about how the “virtual” concerts you will enjoy this year are typically put together. At the end of the concert, you will have a better idea of the work that goes into these concerts and the dedication it takes for students to engage and create the product that they do. You will also become aware of the many of the unusual and, frankly, unnatural ways that this method of creating music is challenging when compared with live choir rehearsal and performance…”

Progress Reports 
Progress reports are now available on Skyward. If you need help accessing them, please let us know. If your student has any D’s or F’s, we will assign them to attend the Wednesday small-group session with the corresponding teacher. Parents will receive an email with details. Please click this link for information regarding how students can get extra help at VSAA.

Grade improvement
If your current grade is not a C or better in one or more classes, you may find this template helpful for organizing your missing work and/or retakes and revisions. Grade Improvement Template


Would you like to compliment a VSAA staff member and/or share your appreciation for a job well-done? Please take a moment to complete a VSAA Shout Out. We will pass on your compliment to the appropriate staff member/members.

If you would like to have a Zoom meeting with VSAA administrators, just email Lori.Rotherham@vansd.org or Jennifer.Hockhalter@vansd.org and we will respond with a link as soon as we are able.