Our Schedule this week:
11/30 Monday: A day
12/1 Tuesday: B day
12/2 Wednesday: 30-minute office hours for all classes.
12/3 Thursday: A day
12/4 Friday: B day
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)
Coming Soon: Winter break December 21-January 1.

Focus Groups
While it is our hope to return to school in a hybrid model as soon as we can safely do so, we would like an opportunity to check in with students and parents for feedback regarding what is going well, what could be better, and what students and parents need from us.

If you are willing to participate in a focus group, please email Lori.rotherham@vansd.org.

We are hoping to convene these in December before we leave for break. Each group will include 3-5 students or parents who will participate in a one-hour conversation via Zoom about remote learning. We will collect this feedback and share with staff (anonymously.)

2020-21 Theme
The 2020-21 theme team has created a presentation for students and parents outlining this year’s theme and the work that will guide our collective theme journey this year. Please click on this link to view the slide show.

Update your Skyward Contact information
Please check your contact information in Skyward to make sure it is current. This includes email addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts. Updating this information is always important as we want to be able to connect with you in an emergency. with remote learning, email and phone are an important means to communicate with you.
You may find this Skyward quick reference helpful. If you are not signed up for Skyward Family Access, please email annamarie.blair@vansd.org or malissa.sharp@vansd.org.


Would you like to compliment a VSAA staff member and/or share your appreciation for a job well-done? Please take a moment to complete a VSAA Shout Out. We will pass on your compliment to the appropriate staff member/members.