Our Schedule this week:
11/2 Monday: A day
11/3 Tuesday: B day
11/24 Wednesday: all classes
11/5 Thursday: A day
11/6 Friday: B day
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)
Coming up: 11/11/20 No School: Veteran’s Day

Help for students who struggle
If your students is struggling in one or more classes, click this link:How can students get extra help at VSAA for information about available support.

Progress reports
The next progress report grading period ends on November 4th, and progress reports should be available to students and parents by November 16th.
This seems like a short time between progress reports. This is due to the technical issues at the state level in the grading system that delayed reporting for the last progress report.

Student grades
While we know many of our students are working hard to improve their grades, we also want to recognize how hard all of our students are working to continue with their learning despite our challenging circumstances. On the recent progress report 285 of our students earned a collective total of 1,661 A grades and 292 B grades. For those students working to bring their grades up, 70 F grades have moved up to passing! Nice work VSAA students! Thanks for your effort and resilience.

All high school students & parents: Check out FutureMe on VSAA or VPS sites. You’ll find a plethora of information on careers, internships, jobs, college visits, FAFSA, etc. VSAA also has a new Career Center site. Senior parents, also check out the new VSAA 12th College & Careers Course on Canvas.
If you need held with FAFSA completion, consider attending this FAFSA help event.
Senior Parent Info Night: Choose to attend either Monday, November 9th at 6:30, or Thursday, November 19th at 6:30
Junior Parents – Coming soon: VSAA Grade 11 College & Careers on Canvas.
Junior Parent Career and College Night: Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30


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