Our Schedule this week:

New Bell Schedule! School starts at 9:35 AM        

Lunch Schedule

Student daily checklist

3/8 Monday: A day 9th grade students return

3/9 Tuesday: B day

3/10 Wednesday: Teacher office hours. Students use  Google form for attendance

3/11 Thursday: A day

3/12 Friday: B day

Coming Up soon

3/15 return date for 10th-12th grade

4/6-4/10 Spring Break

4/15 & 4/16 Student Led Conferences

Coming to School

Please bring your daily attestation either as a screen shot on your phone or printed each day to make the check-in process go more quickly.

Drop off and pickup will be in the upper parking lot at the corner of 32nd and F St. to avoid congestion in the bus lane. Students riding bikes should make sure to bring a lock. We have skateboard racks in the office for students who need them.

If you ride the bus, please be sure to check the bus information below. We are transitioning next week to all 9 PM bus routes from the 7 we have been running since we returned to hybrid.

Link to bus information

New PM Bus Routes as of 3/8/21 All students/families should check for updates

Off-Campus Pass for Juniors and Seniors



Attendance Robo Calls

Forecasting is now underway. The purpose of the forecasting process is to identify the courses students want or need to take next year so we can determine our master class schedule and staffing.

To provide us with the most accurate information, please be sure to complete your forecasting by the deadline.

Here is a Link to the Forecasting Schedule


  Now that we have students back in the building for hybrid, you can expect to begin receiving robo calls in the event your hybrid student is not present in their first class of the day. At this time, our system is not set up to send any other automated calls. Therefore, continuing to monitor your student’s Skyward for attendance and progress is important.

Here is a link to information about Skyward access and other parent resources