Our Schedule this week:

New Bell Schedule! School starts at 9:35 AM

2/22 Monday: 6th grade students return

2/23 Tuesday: B day

2/24 Wednesday: Teacher office hours. Students use  Google form for attendance verification

2/25 Thursday: A day

2/26 Friday: B day

Coming Up soon

2/22/21 6th grade and new 7th and 8th grade students return to school in a hybrid model!

3/1/21 7th, 8th grade students return in a hybrid model

3/5 last day for high school pods.

3/8 target return date for 9th grade

3/15 target return date for 10th-12th grade

Coming to School

Student daily checklist

Lunch Schedule

Middle school students will return in a hybrid model on Monday, 2/22 (6th grade) and 3/1 (7th & 8th grade)

This means that all students, whether in-person or remote, will be on the new bell schedule, with school beginning at 9:35 AM.

Students who have chosen hybrid will be present in class on their cohort days, and present virtually on the non-cohort days.

Each teacher will share the specific expectations for when they expect their students to be present in zoom for their class. In many, or even most, cases, this will be during the scheduled class time. Otherwise, it will be at the end of the day, during the 3:15-4:05 PM time frame.


High School Hybrid

Hybrid links

As of Feb. 16th, the COVID-19 case rate for Clark County is 209.8 cases per 100,000. If that number drops below 200 cases per 100,00 people over 14 days, high school hybrid learning could begin next month. The following target start dates are also contingent on staffing.

March 8: 9th grade

March 15: 10th, 11th, and 12th grades

Parents of high school students will receive a survey asking them to indicate whether their child will participate in hybrid learning, remain in full remote learning, or enroll in Vancouver Virtual Learning Academ. This survey should be completed by Tuesday, February 23rd.



MS Hyrid slide show

HS Hybrid Slide show

Link to bus information

Off-Campus Pass for Juniors and Seniors

Student Vehicle Registration

Forecasting 2021-2022


Forecasting for the upcoming school year will begin soon via Zoom.


Please review your student’s day and time to forecast here: VSAA Forecasting Schedule 2021


Students in Grades 6 and 7 will be meeting with Mrs. Madar, our middle school counselor, while students in Grades 8 and up will be meeting with Ms. Foran, our high school counselor.


The counselors will email Zoom links and forecasting sheets to students before their assigned forecasting day and time.


It is important for students to attend on their assigned days and times. Please encourage your student to put their assigned day and time in their schedule.