Our Schedule this week:
12/7 Monday: A day
12/8 Tuesday: B day
12/9 Wednesday: 30-minute office hours for all classes. Use new Google form for attendance verification
12/10 Thursday: A day
12/11 Friday: B day
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)
Coming Soon: Winter break December 21-January 1.

Wednesday Attendance
Wednesdays at all school buildings are set aside as an opportunity for students to receive individual and small-group help as needed and/or to work on their assignments independently. As we do need to account for every student in regard to attendance, students have been required to check in with every class either by attending the Zoom or completing a short assignment or form.

We have received feedback from students that this can be cumbersome and take time away from completing needed work.

To remedy this, we are piloting this form. Students complete this form for their advocate and are then marked present on Wednesday.

Students with Ds or Fs are still strongly encouraged to attend the Wednesday Zooms for the classes with these grades. We follow up with parents if they don’t attend, though this is just informational and is not reflected in Skyward.

Semester Grades
The next progress report period ends next week and grades will be available to students and parents upon our return from winter break.

At that point there will be just under 4 weeks remaining of the semester. It is our hope that all students finish the semester with grades that reflect their true potential.

And, of course, we want all high school students to earn their credits toward graduation.

This means that now is a great time for students to set goals and make up any missing work.

Students who are behind in classes are encouraged to make a plan for what they can do over the 2 week break to catch up. You may find this template helpful: Grade Improvement Plan
Also, here is a reminder of the many ways students can get extra help and support at VSAA: Extra Help at VSAA


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