12/14 Monday: A day
12/15 Tuesday: B day
12/16 Wednesday: 30-minute office hours for all classes. Use new Google form for attendance verification
12/17 Thursday: A day
12/18 Friday: B day
Weekly bell schedule (posted on VPS website)
Coming Soon: Winter break December 21-January 1.

VSAA Remodel
If you have driven by VSAA lately, you have probably noticed that our parking lot looks a bit different. There is now a construction fence, heavy equipment, and work is moving along on our remodel.

We are excited for the opportunity to bring more students in to our building next year when this project is finished.

VSAA Application
The Application process for the 2021-22 school year begins January 6th. If you know any VPS students currently in grades 5-10 who may be interested, please direct them our website: Apply to VSAA

When we return from the winter break, all current students will be asked to complete a recommitment form. This allows us to know which students will be returning so we can determine how many openings we have for new students. The process will be electronic this year, due to the remote learning.

Semester Grades
The progress report period ends today, December 11th, and grades will be available to students and parents upon our return from winter break.

At that point there will be just under 4 weeks remaining of the semester. It is our hope that all students finish the semester with grades that reflect their true potential.

And, of course, we want all high school students to earn their credits toward graduation.

This means that now is a great time for students to set goals and make up any missing work.Students who are behind in classes are encouraged to make a plan for what they can do over the 2 week break to catch up. You may find this template helpful: Grade Improvement Plan

Also, here is a reminder of the many ways students can get extra help and support at VSAA: Extra Help at VSAA

High school students who fail classes may need to take credit recovery courses this summer to graduate on-time with their class.

Please contact Lori.rotherham@vansd.org or Renee.foran@vansd.org with questions.


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