The Dance Program provides students with the opportunity to study the diversity of techniques and ideas as well as compositional and performance skills that comprise the Dance Arts. The program equally values both physical and creative development of each student. At all levels of study students move, create, perform, and analyze dance material that is appropriate for their abilities. The overall emphasis of the program is on fostering each studentís unique and creative vision inside a body that moves with intelligence, safety and artistry. All courses above Explore Level are sequential and require the recommendation/permission of the instructor.

NOTE: Dance fulfills physical education credits required for VSAA high school students.

  • Dance Explore:
    By the end of Dance Explore, students will be able to appreciate dance as a disciplined and focused study which develops technical skill through the practice of fundamental standing and loco-motor movement, spatial and temporal variations, and alignment awareness. Students will build physical endurance by practicing a variety of stretching, strengthening and centering exercises. They will explore the use of space, rhythm, and kinetic energy through the acts of artistic collaboration and performance.
  • Dance Level One:
    Students will be able to demonstrate a beginning skill level in modern and ballet technique, identify and explore a range of qualitative, effort/shape actions, and move in accord with others through a variety of geometric formations and rhythmic patterns. They will strive to develop an individual creative voice and be able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate compositional efforts of self and others.
  • Dance Level Two:
    Dance Level Two students will have progressed technically to an intermediate level in modern and ballet dance. They will demonstrate weight sharing skills, and have a neuromuscular awareness that leads to en efficient use of the joints, smooth transitions between movements, and an ability to self-correct alignment. Students will be able to transfer technical skills and stylistic interpretations across idioms.
  • Dance Level Three:
    Dance Level Three will be able to reflect on various styles of dance, make connections across disciplines, demonstrate adaptability to several dance styles, and show an understanding of how those styles have influenced artists throughout dance history. Technical growth will increase to an advanced level with a clarity of line, strength in the core muscle groups, qualitative versatility through stylistic diversity, and the utilization of dance as a way to maintain overall personal health.
  • Dance Focus:
    Focus students will explore vocational options within the field of dance. They will be able to design and teach portions of a dance class. Dance Focus will be able to demonstrate proficiency in modern and ballet technique including floor work, integration of the body through space, musicality, and a kinesthetic understanding of safe and effective methods for increasing strength and flexibility. Students will have an extensive knowledge of dance styles and will initiate creative projects within those styles. An authentic voice will be evident in both performance and choreography.


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